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Paper Bird - Live at Twist and Shout

Price:  $5.99

Standing firm in no existing genre, Paper Bird's backbone is their songwriting, musicianship and a general allergy to all limitations and trends. With seven members and no leader, this band is pulled in every direction imaginable, but thanks to their unique instrumentation this Colorado based group is able to merge their spontaneous creativity into one, solid sound. The members of the band- Sarah Anderson, vocals and trumpet; sisters Esmé and Genny Patterson, vocals; Tyler Archuletta, trombone; Paul DeHaven, guitar; Caleb Summeril, banjo; Macon Terry, upright bass - bring a Jazzy, Folk, Americana sound that pays homage to the American Bandstand of the 1950’s. Still, they are able to achieve the Indie rock image and resonance of the current age. The band’s inception came three years ago in Breckenridge, Colorado. Meeting for the first time, the members were busking in the streets where they earned a couple hundred dollars, bought some beer and dinner, and decided to form a band. Later that same month they went into the studio and recorded their first album Anything Nameless and Joymaking, which has been a top selling record in local retail stores. The Colorado favorites have recently been in the studio recording their sophomore album. The band is so excited about their new creation they decided to release a prelude to the full-length album. The five song EP A Sky Underground was self-released before their 2009 summer tour which included stops at High Sierra Music Festival, Oregon Country Fair, 10,000 Lakes, and Mile High Music Festival. The female vocals create a soulful, dynamic harmony that accentuates each singer, while giving the illusion of a single voice. The trombone, banjo, and guitar elevate the music to a higher level while the skilled notes of the bass reflect the harmonies. Each style bounces off the other, while each note appreciates the other. They make audiences feel love, excitement, and passion. A show not to be missed, a band that must be heard: Paper Bird is one of a kind.


Tea Leaf Green - Live At Twist And Shout

Price:  $9.99

Josh and Trevor, the two key songwriters and guitarists from San Francisco’s Tea Leaf Green, offer up an intimate and exhilarating live performance that was recorded in October ’08 at Denver’s premiere entertainment store Twist & Shout. Several hundred adoring fans turned out for this special event and it proved to be one of the highlights of the tour (and the only one to be officially recorded). This is sure to become a collector’s item and a must have for every real fan of TLG! Most of the tunes are from their most recent studio release Raise Up The Tent.