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Portugal. The Man - American Ghetto CD

Price:  $10.99

Originally released in 2010 as a limited edition CD. Only 15,000 produced worldwide. The band recently uncovered a few boxes of the highly sought after CD release. Each CD is numbered and part of the initial edition. When they are gone, no more CDs will ever be made.


Screaming Trees - Last Words: Final Recordings CD

Price:  $8.99

The final studio album from Screaming Trees, produced by drummer Barrett Martin and mixed by Jack Endino. The album was recorded in 1998-99 but not mixed until 2011.


Widespread Panic - Widespread Panic LP

Price:  $24.99

Everybody loves surprises, that feeling of not knowing what might be around the next corner -- and that’s exactly the vibe that Widespread Panic gives off every time they unleash a new album. Sometimes that means taking listeners on a nice, smooth ride, and sometimes it means making ‘em hold on tight, but either way, it means the trip is gonna be worth it.


A Perfect Circle - Stone and Echo: Live at Red Rocks CD/DVD

Price:  $61.99

Stone And Echo, a full-length DVD (with accompanying audio CD) featuring the band's stirring Aug. 11, 2011 performance at the historic Red Rocks Amphitheater. Trifecta, a multi-disc collection featuring the band's complete discography, Mer de Noms, Thirteenth Step and eMOTIVe, recorded live during A Perfect Circle's handful of three-night, full-album performances. The 2010 performances, the first outings from the band since their self-imposed 2005 hiatus, were limited to Phoenix, Los Angeles, Seattle, Las Vegas and San Francisco. All enclosed in a beautiful media book.


Mary Gauthier & Sam Baker - When A Woman Goes Cold 7"

Price:  $7.99

Mary Gauthier joins forces with Sam Baker for a limited edition 7-inch Vinyl release. On one side is Mary’s new “When A Woman Goes Cold,” and on the other is Sam’s “Ditch.” Only 1000 were made.


Rockabye Baby! - Lullaby Renditions of David Bowie LP

Price:  $16.99

Rockabye Baby transforms rock favorites into beautiful instrumental lullabies. Guitars and drums are traded for xylophones and bells, and the volume is turned down from an eleven to a two. Tonight, the cradle will rock. David Bowie is a legendary musician, producer, and actor who has been a force in popular culture for over four decades.


Pearl Jam - Vault Series #3: DC's Constitution Hall 1998

Price:  $20.99

Pearl Jam has cracked the vault door just a little more to let us get our hands on their September 19th, 1998 show at Washington DC's Constitution Hall.


Yonder Mountain String Band - YMSB Ep 13 CD

Price:  $5.99

This four-track EP was released to coincide with their fall tour. It features one song written and sung by each band member, Adam Aijala confims this will be the first in a series of EP's the bands plans to release.


Ben Rector - The Walking In Between CD

Price:  $12.99

Ben Rector has a theory: The beauty of life is in the ordinary moments. On his new album, The Walking in Between (August 20, 2013), he sets those ordinary moments to some extraordinary music. Over the course of the thirteen tracks on The Walking in Between, Rector reflects on life's simple pleasures, offers a fresh view on matters of the heart, examines the pursuit of material wealth, and recognizes the importance of the subtle struggles and modest victories of everyday living. Produced by Jamie Kenney, Charlie Peacock and Rector himself, The Walking in Between is the first release on Rector's own label, Aptly Named Recordings. The new set follows his previous two successful independent releases, 2010's Into the Morning and 2011's Something Like This, which together have sold over 70,000 copies independently. Both albums were iTunes leaders, with Something Like This reaching No. 1 on the digital retailer's Singer/Songwriter Albums chart. Tracks from both albums appeared in multiple television shows, including One Tree Hill, Castle, The Neighbors, SportsCenter and Pretty Little Liars. Having toured consistently since his junior year at the University of Arkansas, the young artist has spent the past six years building an impressive fan-base that enables him to routinely sell-out clubs and theaters nationally.


Gregory Alan Isakov - The Weatherman CD

Price:  $11.99

Gregory Alan Isakov is a self-proclaimed drifter. Born in South Africa, he’s a lifelong traveler who has settled for the time being near the progressive utopia of Boulder, Colo. When Isakov isn’t crafting introspective, ethereal folk songs, he’s often working in his garden. That mellow-dude lifestyle translates to the low-key tunes on his third full-length album, “The Weatherman.” The itinerant troubadour is an eloquent lyricist who delivers soul-searching ruminations filled with cosmic pondering, nomadic wisdom and plenty of earthy metaphors. His understated voice has a hushed force akin to that of Jose Gonzalez’s and, at its best, the alluring comfort of Paul Simon’s. Isakov’s guitar work is largely limited to meditative strumming, which, when paired with his hypnotic melodies, gives the “The Weatherman” a dreamlike flow.