The group recruited erstwhile Death Cab For Cutie member Chris Walla and Hop Along polisher Joe Reinhart for Nearer My God, their new record, and one that unapologetically aims to be a sprawling masterpiece, filled front-to-back with studio antics and vast soundscapes.

Not that Foxing lack for choruses on this record. “Bastardizer” mirrors the sparse storytelling of of The Antlers’ “Two” but with a taunting, sarcastic melody instead of lo-fi earnestness: “Here lies the magician / Survived by applause but still can’t listen / The Bastardizer / The patron saint/Of disconnection / Of feel-no-shame.” “Grand Paradise” boasts hysterical gang vocals and some perfectly deployed screaming towards the end, accentuating the pure angst of the chorus. Then there’s “Heartbeats,” which Murphy called the best song Foxing has ever written. It’s an understandable claim; “you are not in love / so stop playing alooong” is certainly the best chorus on the record, drummer Jon Hellwig propelling them away from the slower songs (like “Rory”) that initially broke the band through.