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Record Store Day 2020 at Twist and Shout


As you’ve probably heard, Record Store Day will be somewhat different this year. There will be three Record Store Day Saturdays (August 29th, September 26th, and October 24th). Each of these days will have approximately 1/3 of the total releases. This is being done to facilitate social distancing and a safe experience. The exact rules are being left up to each store. Twist and Shout has created its rules based on three basic principles.

1) Do no harm! Above all we don’t want to endanger anyone. That means no big crowds and no long lines. All our current safety protocols (face mask over mouth and nose the whole time, hand sanitizing at the door, and 6 feet of distance between customers) will be in place.

2) Equality of access. Since we don’t want lines, we have figured out a system that essentially acts as a lottery, giving all customers the same chances to be the first in.

3) The most good for the most number of people! We are creating rules that we hope will offer all our customers an equal opportunity to get these special releases.

With those principles in mind, here are our rules:

1) Starting today we will make a request form available in the store, or you can email us at RSD@twistandshout.com. If you enter via email please put RSD 8/29 in the subject and include your FULL NAME and PHONE NUMBER in the body of the email. We will collect these until Monday, August 17th. Because we are accepting the forms for a while, there will be no reason to try to be first in line to get the form. We will only be accepting one entry per person. Any duplicates will be discarded. After August 17th, we will RANDOMLY pick forms from the pool to create 20-minute shopping slots. Customers will need to confirm their time slot within 24 HOURS of being contacted. If you do not confirm your time slot we will not put you on the list. There will be no time changes, so if you can’t make it you will have to send someone in your place. You will have to let us know (by calling 303-722-1943 or emailing us at RSD@twistandshout.com) about the replacement no later than Monday, August 24 – five days before RSD.

2) In an attempt to keep supplied throughout the day, we will limit each customer to a maximum of 8 RSD titles (1 copy per title). Since the slots will be chosen randomly, we felt this would be the fairest way to give everybody a shot at their most desired titles. This will mean that you will have to prioritize your picks. We have looked at previous years to see how many titles the average customer purchased on RSD, and we feel this will take care of the most number of people. As always, after Record Store Day is over, customers will be allowed to buy whatever product is still available in any quantity they want.

3) On the 29th, customers will be allowed to line up (6 feet apart) only 10 minutes before their time slot. There will be no reason to get there any earlier, and we won’t be allowing early line-ups or camping. There will be no walk-up business on the 29th. You MUST have an appointment.

That is pretty much it folks. We know this is a big adjustment, and takes away that fun thing of waiting for the store to open and rushing in to grab everything, but it replaces it (for the time being) with what we hope will be a very SAFE and FAIR Record Store Day experience for all!

We want you to know we have thought about this VERY hard and we do not take your safety or access to these records lightly. We genuinely want this to be a rewarding experience for all.

Thank you so much for your support and patience – it means the world to us.
In order to make this go smoothly, we will be closed to normal business on RSD. We feel just taking care of the RSD customers will be a big enough job.

Paul Epstein and the entire Twist and Shout staff