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Tipper – Jettison Mind Hatch

LP: $32.99



One of the more impressive features of Tipper’s discography is his vast range in style, which features tempos ranging from ambient to up-tempo and everything in between. Each of his albums and EPs seem to center around a specific tempo, thereby increasing the overarching experience of listening to each collection. Jettison Mind Hatch is no stranger to this theme as the album entirely embodies the down-tempo side of Tipper’s music. Incorporating such eclectic rhythms only further enhances the value of the album: each song feels fastened to the others, and the whole of the album holds much more meaning and emotional value than its individual parts.

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Rainbow Kitten Surprise – RKS

CD: $9.99


This indie-rock band from Boone, North Carolina, is a breath of fresh air with meaningful, deep lyrics, amazing bass lines, and catchy guitar riffs. Some tracks from this record include the very blues oriented “Run,” “Lady Lie,” and my favorite RKS song, “Cocaine Jesus,” about relationships and a longing for something more.

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Rainbow Kitten Surprise – Seven + Mary

CD: $9.99


Featuring the hit “Devil Like Me”, Seven + Mary proves Rainbow Kitten Surprise is a legitimate and enjoyable band. At large, the project is beautiful, evoking deep contemplation and melancholy vibes. It is certainly a debut worth attention which promises even more for the future.

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Vulfpeck – The Beautiful Game

LP: $31.99


Vulfpeck’s studio albums are joyous affairs, full of innovative harmonies, funky drums, prominent bass, and an inescapable groove that sets up shop in your bones and doesn’t leave. Their newest record, The Beautiful Game, continues this spirit, with the bass at the forefront again, leading the charge of amped-up dance funk. The vocals are of course top notch (if you’ve listened to Vulfpeck before, you know how they can sing). They’re clearly starting to come into their own; the songwriting on The Beautiful Game is just a bit more confident than previous efforts, and they take a few more risks, delving deep into some grooves where before they might have trailed off into more conventional waters.

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Dave Matthews – Live at the Hollywood Bowl (Indie Exclusive)

LP: $124.99


Live At Hollywood Bowl was recorded at the famed Los Angeles venue on September 10, 2018. The show closed out Dave Matthews Band’s Summer Tour 2018. A number of guests sat-in with the septet throughout the night including Mark Batson as well as a string section and small orchestra.

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Rockabye Baby! – Lullaby Renditions of Snoop Dogg

LP: $19.99


Titled ‘Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Snoop Dogg’, the new record features soothing instrumental versions of some of the rapper’s biggest hits including ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’, ‘Gin and Juice’ and ‘Sensual Seduction’.

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Keller Williams – Speed

CD: $10.99


Speed is as downright fun as anything Williams has put out, and most definitely one shot after the other of acoustic adrenaline (take caution when actually spinning the record while you drive in your car). But with a sound that is rustic and raw throughout, and with many unexpected tricks and treats along the way, it’s a vibrant new offering as well.

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Willie Nelson – Sometimes Even I Can Get Too High



A Christmas treat only Willie could dish.

Sonny Rollins – Tenor Madness (Blue Vinyl)

LP: $26.99


He wasn’t scheduled to play, but John Coltrane had his axe in hand when he came to watch Miles Davis’ rhythm section record with Sonny Rollins. Trane not only played on the date, but the resulting duet is the centerpiece of Tenor Madness, one in Prestige’s latest series of RVG-remastered releases.

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Daniel Martin Moore – Never Look Away



Never Look Away, the 9th album from Daniel Martin Moore, finds the artist expanding, experimenting, and having fun in the studio. Co-produced by multi-instrumentalist Seth Kauffman, the recordings are candid, unfussed-over, and full of energy and light. Kauffman is best-known for being the man-behind-the-band Floating Action, playing nearly all of the instruments, producing, recording, and mixing the albums himself.


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Widespread Panic – Carbondale 2000 (6 LP Box Set)

LP: $64.99


This complete set recorded live on December 1, 2000 at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL, is not only a snapshot of the band in their prime, it’s the first taste of The Vault; and one assumes this means the door is now open and the sweet sounds of yesteryear will begin to pour forth. Dead Heads have Dick’s Picks, Phish Heads have Live Phish and now Spread Heads have the Widespread Panic Archives.

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Joseph Arthur – Come Back World

CD: $9.99


Produced by Joseph Arthur and Chris Seefried, this Twist exclusive features guest work from Ben Harper, Patrick Carney, Jesse Malin and Greg Dulli.

Stick Figure – World On Fire

CD: $12.99
LP: $24.99


Scott Woodruff, producer and multi-instrumentalist he is, recorded five albums completely on his own before, in 2012, deciding that he should put a band together to be able to play his music live. Touring ever since, Stick Figure convinces listeners around the world that they are really good at what they’re doing.

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Chuck Cleaver – Send Aid

CD: $11.99


Explore the fuzz-drenched world of Chuck Cleaver exclusively at Twist!

Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit – Live at Twist & Shout 11.16.07
(Twist Exclusive Red & Black Pressing)

LP: $16.99


On November 16th 2007, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit took the stage at Twist & Shout for an intimate in-store performance. The recording of that performance is now available on limited black and red vinyl available only at Twist & Shout!

Neal Casal – Basement Dreams

CD: $19.99


20 years ago, Neal Casal released his country-rock opus, Basement Dreams. You can now score a deluxe, two-disc edition exclusively through Twist & Shout!

Pete Yorn – Caretakers

LP: $21.99
CD: $10.99


Don’t miss out on these special issues of Pete Yorn’s latest, Caretakers, heralded by Sputnik Music as Yorn’s “most honest effort in years.”