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William Basinski – A Red Score in Tile


Picture this: You’ve just gotten home from a very long day doing (insert job/hobby/something you were forced to do here), your feet hurt. Hell, you hurt. You want to just put something on and go into ultra relaxation mode. Grab this incredible album from Ambient/Classical mastermind William Basinski and get ready to melt away into your seat. We get that some people think Ambient is just basically white noise, and to those people we say “Give this album a try, damn you!” Yes, it’s glacial in it’s pace, but it’s also incredibly engaging for the active listener. This is a limited edition pressing of the album we have in-store and the fact that we’re selling it for $49.99 is an absolute deal!

Beatles – Yesterday and Today (Butcher Cover)


WOAHHHHH. We’ve gotten a few of these in within the past year, and this one is in better condition than the few before this one had been. This 3rd state peeling of The Beatles Yesterday and Today is in pretty nice condition and is only going for $299.99 (which is an absolute steal). All you Beatles fanatics need to get in fast, because these always seem to sell incredibly quick.

Fear Before the March of Flames – Odd How People Shake


Colorado is a breeding ground for great bands, right? This band, from Aurora, is one of those bands. This is the debut album from Fear Before the March of Flames (later known just as “Fear Before”), and it’s an absolute rager. It mixes elements of Hardcore, Punk, Noise, and Screamo into a whirlwind of fury and chaos. This is the 2013, 10th Anniversary re-issue (even though technically this is the only vinyl pressing of the album) limited to 500, and it’s on sweet orange vinyl. This album absolutely rips, and was the starting point for the bands 3 other fantastic, rowdy albums. Come and get it!

Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory


This is a quintessential album that kind of re-defined and helped steer the Nu-Metal genre in a different, more accessible direction – away from it’s campier, “Kornier” side. This is the first album from a band who would go on to actually transcend that mostly-pejorative “Nu-Metal” classification, and became Alternative Rock Legends. This 2013 pressing of the album comes with a bonus 10-inch record and a poster! This album still holds up and will continue to be a landmark album for the band, and their constituents.

RIP Chester Bennington

Mastodon – Crack the Skye


These guys don’t just make regular cameos on the hit HBO show Game of Thrones, they make great music too. These dudes from Atlanta have become figureheads in their genre of sludgy, prog-y, stoner metal and this album is quintessential Mastodon. The pressing we have in right now is the limited 2010 pressing of it on red splatter, and it looks incredible.

Idris Muhammad – Power of Soul


What we have here is some of the funkiest, soulful jazz ever made. Idris Muhammad, along with musicians like Bob James and Grover Washington, to name a few, put this album together and released it out into the world in 1974. what we have in-store is a 1974 original pressing of it, and if you’re a fan of jazz-funk – or just interested in delving into the genre, you need this album.

No Use for a Name – Making Friends


Yes! A classic album from punk band No Use For a Name. It’s a classic that still holds up after 21 years. It’s old enough to drink now, so maybe grab a beer and put this on at home or something? What we have here is the 1997 original pressing of it too – how cool, right?

Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised


The Legendary Gil Scott-Heron. If you’re unfamiliar with this man or his work, now’s your chance to find out for yourself about the man, the myth, the legend. This is a compilation of songs released on previously issued albums, and is a good starting point for anyone wanting an introduction. An absolutely essential record for your collection. What we have is a 1974 pressing in great condition. Right on.

Sound Tribe Sector 9 – Peaceblaster


Here’s a group that a ton of people ask for on a weekly basis here in-store. These records are very out of print, so it’s always cool to see one of these come through. They’re pretty big here in Colorado. Never been to one of their shows, but I imagine they use a whole bunch of lights, neon, and space imagery for their stage set-up. Probably a pretty cool experience? Anyways, this record is pretty dang dance-y and has something for anyone who is interested in electronic music. Neat! Come on down and pick it up.

Jack White – Live from Bonnaroo (Vault 22)


Oh look! Another Third Man Vault release! This time it’s Jack White live from Bonnaroo, in a box set that includes the DVD, a patch, a replica of the tour lanyard, and three beautiful looking records. Do I even have to tell you that this is a sweet find? It’s beyond sweet, gang. Come on in and get it, you fanatics!